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Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley I had no idea that this was the prelude to the last Rock Chick book. IT WAS SO RIGHTEOUS!!!

If I wasn't hooked by KA before, I certainly am now. ;)
Welcome to the Underworld (A Welcome to the Underworld Novel, #1) - Con Template I only read the fanfiction version, but I don't think there are many differences between the book and the fanfiction. And if you can power through the less than stellar grammar, then you will be rewarded immensely by this story, I guarantee it!

Welcome To The Underworld hits all the spots for crime story lover out there. What I loved about this story is how beautiful and complex the world building is. I don't care if how it was written was horrible. The story was AMAZING. There was never a moment when I saw the plot twists. THE PLOT TWISTS omg. They're an entirely different factor that you will love with this story.

I'm going to wait for copies to be sold here in our country. (Or probably order the Kindle version soon!) I'm really looking forward to the edited versions. :D :D :D

The ending was unbelievable, though. Can someone please talk with me about that ending GAHD THAT RUINED MY LIFE OKAI
Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee To be honest, I have zero knowledge about Angels and all these biblical things, aside from what I've gleamed from The Mortal Instruments, which although quite a bit, still lay on the trivial/bonus facts side of things rather than the basics. Of course, I'm not as innocent as to believe that angels are of the pure and kind line, (or maybe this is what I've picked up from TMI. idk.)

but Angelfall surely pounded that idea into my head even more.

It's not bad, per se. The idea of angels being a dark and almost malicious is not an original idea, but I like the spin that they brought apocalypse, but humankind did not just watch it happen. I think this is the aspect that Angelfall comes as a novelty among Dystopian literature: in that it happens right at the crevice where two societies cleave. Like, apocalypse happened two months prior to the beginning of the story. The resistance is on its infancy. Not when the new form of government has been established. Not when the resistance has amassed power and ammunition and plans to overtake the world were polished.

We're landed smacked dab into the chaotic part where every side has so many issues to be resolved before humankind is further obliterated.

I can't wait for the sequel, though!:D
Hydraulic Level Five - Sarah Latchaw I really really liked this book, I swear. But, here are the points:
* There isn't really much to build up on. To be honest, the entire length of the book felt more dragging than necessary for me...
* which leads us, I really really feel there shouldn't be a second book. It could have been done in one go. It. Could. Have.

And if the second book doesn't have anything exploding, I will torch something down. Basically, I'm just giving the series a benefit of the doubt. Maybe, the second book have something essential that the first book doesn't.

(But I also think that ugh the book is done after the first. If you're really planning on a second book, idk you should have put a tinge of mystery deeper than wanting to know what would happen to Kaye and Sam.)

The idea is good, intriguing and very enticing, even. Go ahead and read it. I will still read the sequel, duh. But. Hmmm. I'm just upset that books keep doing this to themselves: Dragging them out for more serializations when it could have been done in one book.
The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley This is, by far, my favorite KA book. :D :D :D I just love Circe (especially her name!) and her personality. <3<br/>
There have been so many times where I've been frustrated by the language barrier, but eventually it became one of the things that I loved about this book. :D

Reminds me of Khal Drogo and Khaleesi of Game of Thrones.
Wildest Dreams - Kristen Ashley I think this is my favorite Kristen Ashley book, so far. :) And she's slowly becoming my Guilty Pleasure Author hihi. :)
Falling For My Husband (British Billionaires) - Pamela Ann I read this because I thought it was a place-holder of sorts, like the book you read when you just want to pass time and a reprieve from heavy books.


Things got so intense a quarter into the back and huhu I just love the angst part of this book, the perfect blend of self-angst and unrequited love. There have been moments when I absolutely hated Callum's dominance, 'cause it borderlined rude-asshole level, but then idk they both are just so intense. They keep on running on opposite directions because they both love each other (YES CALLUM, IT TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH, BUT I BELIEVED IN YOU, BABY) and it's kind of stupid, but they way these scenes were written, you cannot even think about it because the angst just drowns out every other thought.

There are parts of this book that seem so detached though. Could be improved. But the raw emotions it delivered makes up for this. :)

Also, I just love reading my name on books. Hihi. Really pleasant surprises when I stumble upon it. :P
The Bitter Kingdom - Rae Carson Perfect ending for this trilogy.
Fighting Fate - Linda Kage ughhh the angst~ perfect taste of angst!
Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey Expected more from this from the hype I've seen on the reviews. I tried to like it, and I did for a little while, and then the ending ugh.

It felt too long and dragging for me. Also, authors should really do something about their running heroines to make them more interesting and less annoying.
More Than This (More #1) - Jay McLean Someone should really edit the blurb of this book, because more people should be reading this book!:)

If you want to feel happy and in love and just believe in happily ever after, that you don't have to change yourself in order to deserve a happily ever after, this should be your book.

As always, Mikayla's frustrating, whenever she digs her heels against giving in. Jake is surprisingly a realistic character despite being the perfect boyfriend. Like, he's super amazing but he also has his own ugliness (which for me is his explosive temper. i reallllyyy get scared when he blows up.) but that temper, in itself, grounds him, paints him human, so it's good.

what I also loved is every character is just so vibrant! Lucy is definitely my favorite minor character. Bwahahaha~! And Cam and Lucy my favorite couple. Well, also Dylan and Heidi. I'm really intrigued by Dylan and Heidi's love story, though.


Can't wait to read Logan's story!
Stripped - Jasinda Wilder "I’m falling through eternity, and his touch is the fabric of that forever."

This line made the whole book worth it. I think. Didn't like the whole book much. Insta-love hurhur.
Untitled (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley Perfect ending for this series!

What I loved about this series is that every book felt a lot longer than the usual contemporary romance novel. There are also so many events that happen in a book, and most of all THE CHARACTERS! I kind of hate how crazy they are sometimes but I'm a sucker for series of stand-alone books that features the story of every character in the story. :>
Clementine - R. Jean Wilson I was asked by the author to read her book, and I will be forever grateful for having the chance to do so. :3

"If souls are reincarnated Holden, you and I have lived a hundred lifetimes and maybe in everyone one, we've found our way to one another. You're my one person; you're my fate, Holden."

Clementine is a wonderful debut book. It is wonderfully written, and I was so intrigued by the flashbacks the book has offered. Also, MEDICAL DRAMA. If you loved Grey's Anatomy, you will love this. What I also loved about this book is it doesn't simply revolve around Addison and Holden's love story. It is a story about Addison going after her dreams. She didn't throw away her dreams to stay and be with Holden, despite their very intense attraction. I always love that career over love decision things.

I absolutely love this part: "Ask me who my favorite kayaking partner is, Addy. Or who my favorite person to stargaze with is, my favorite person to laugh with, my favorite pair of eyes. My favorite smile. My favorite kiss."

Although at the beginning, it felt like characterization of every character seemed flimsy, the characters eventually found their shapes.

It may not be super stellar, like Nicholas Sparks level, but I believe R. Jean Wilson is going to be a wonderful author someday, if this book is any indication. I really, really would love to see more of her works. Because this book? It is a very good read . I recommend this to everyone who wants to feel great about life and love, and to believers of fate and destiny, like me. :)
Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization - Alex Irvine I don't think this book is good as a stand-alone for Pacific Rim. It only works as a supplement for the film. But it was really nice, for people who have seen the film. :P
Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher And the epic dramatic love story of Olivia and Caleb finally ends. I feel generally happy with this book. It's less flooded with feelings, and generally brings all the fluff and the happiness that the two preceding books have so lacked. (But we all know it's necessary.)

I love love this book. Perfect culmination told in a relatively lighter tone than the first two books that was a whirlwind of emotions. Just perfect. :)

Thank you, Tarryn, for giving us this very emotional series. :)

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